Hoboken Spotlight: Hannah Sulcov

Step into the city of Hoboken, where the streets are lined with charm and the air is filled with a sense of community. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to the lovely Hannah Sulcov, a resident of this vibrant city, who graciously agreed to share her insights on local life.

Tell us about yourself. 

 Hey there! I'm Hannah Sulcov, and I've been living life in Hoboken for nearly three years now with my fiancé and our two adorable cats. I grew up in Rockland County, just an hour north of Hoboken. After living in New York City for a few years, I decided to cross the river and settle in Hoboken! By day, I'm fully immersed in the world of social media, working for the New York Post and Page Six. I also help local small businesses with their social media presence. When I’m not working, you'll most likely find me at a concert or exploring new restaurants both in town and New York City. 

What Hudson County neighborhoods have you lived in / do you love the most? 

I'm currently living in Hoboken with my fiancé and our two kittens, Fifa and Mojo (named after Hoboken's coffee shop, Mojo). I can confidently say there's no better view of New York City than the one from Hoboken. Living by the water and within walking distance of all my favorite spots is just perfect.

Your Hoboken Picks: 

Coffee Shop / Cafe Mojo became my top coffee spot in Hoboken, so naturally, I named my kitten after it. But I also love Bean Vault and Hey Coffee People, especially for getting work done.

Date Night - Elysian Café is a go-to for date nights—it's the oldest continually operated bar/restaurant in Hoboken, and the ambiance inside is so pretty. Always great vibes and delicious food!

Beauty- Aspen-Prime is my go-to spot for all things beauty and self-care, offering everything from botox to facials.

Go-To Spot - Antique Bar and Bakery is an absolute staple in Hoboken. It's nearly impossible to have a bad experience there. Their cocktails are fantastic, the food always impresses, and you can't leave without getting  their iconic bread pudding.

Take out food - GTK (Go-To Kitchen) is the ultimate spot for takeout food in Hoboken. They seriously have something for everyone, from vegan options to the best grilled wings around. Plus, they make the BEST chicken Caesar wrap in Jersey!

Hidden Gem - Lepore's Chocolate is, in my opinion, is a hidden gem in Hoboken. They've been around for over 30 years and have even served the stars of Hoboken, like The Sinatra Family. Their chocolate is the most delicious you'll ever taste (my family back home begs for it every time I visit!) and the owners are the sweetest (no pun intended) people you'll ever meet.

Pizza. - Having lived in New York City, I never thought I'd say this, but the pizza in Hoboken/JC is the best! Tenth Street’'s square pizza with pesto is the absolute best. Napolis is also a staple pizza shop for us, and shout out to Dozzino, another great spot in town!

How does the liveliness and spirit of Hudson County motivate you personally and professionally?

Living in Hoboken feels like being part of a community unlike any I've experienced before. I love being in a city filled with small business owners chasing their dreams. It's changed my mindset, making me more committed to shopping local and supporting small businesses whenever I can. The sense of community here is incredible; walking into local businesses and knowing the staff and owners who genuinely care about their customers is a feeling you can’t beat.

Which Hudson Main merch did you pick out from the site + why?

I decided to go with the Hoboken Crewneck because I realized I didn't have any merch to represent my city! And of course, I couldn't resist getting a Hoboken coffee mug because you can never have too many cute coffee mugs.

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