Hoboken Spotlight: Amber Veltri

Hoboken Interview, Amber Veltri, Resident and Influencer
This week we are interviewing Hoboken resident and influencer, Amber Veltri! She started the account @hoboken_love to share everything great about the city of Hoboken, NJ. We immediately loved her account, which features beautiful photos of the area and great ideas of things to do and places to try. 

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Amber and I’ve been living in Hoboken for 7 years. I’m originally from Hamilton, NJ and always knew that I wanted to stay a Jersey Girl but wanted the option of a city and being near NYC. I instantly fell in love with Hoboken the first time I ever visited. I’m an Art Director, Graphic Designer, Social Media Guru, and Photographer. I am married and had a baby boy in the height of the pandemic. I’m an Art Director at Broadway Dance Center in NYC and I run a bunch of social accounts in and around Hoboken on the side.

Tell us about your business! How did it start? Biggest challenge? Favorite part? Where do you see it going?

I started my page @hoboken_love as a fun way to show my photography, our amazing city and to not bother all of my friends and family with all Hoboken content. It’s evolved to a place where people come for recommendations, a way to help support local businesses, and a little more about me. 

My favorite part is obviously all the delicious food I get to eat and the VIEWS. I love walking out of the door and having such beautiful streets, homes, and of course the NYC views.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration is really the local businesses and the community we have here in Hoboken. 

What do you like to do for fun?

I love hanging out with my friends and family, the beach (especially The Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA), and concerts.

Favorite Local Spots: 

- Restaurant - Elysian Cafe

- Coffee Shop - Bwè Kafe

- Place to Shop - Washington General or AxD

- Bar - Finnegans Pub

- Outdoor Spot - Pilsner Haus - Biergarten 

- Honorable Mention(s) - JaneDo, Two 01, Evolve Med Spa


Go check out Amber and her Hoboken recommendations!

Instagram: @hoboken_love 


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