Bayonne Spotlight: Pamela Valdez

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This week we interviewed Bayonne resident Pamela Valdez, who manages multiple businesses while also attending FIT full time. Don't forget to follow her blog, agency and account to show her some love!


I’m Pamela! I’m from Bayonne, New Jersey and was born and raised here! Currently I am a full time college student studying Fashion Business at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Outside of school, I do content creation on social media such as working with brands. I run my own fashion blog which I’ve had for over a year now called Glamour and Guide. And I have a social media management agency -- Valdez Agency!


I have always loved social media and how anything is possible on there and with all the tips and tricks I’ve gained over the last several years, it inspired me to start my own social media management agency called Valdez Agency. I started off by always helping family members do little things on their phone such as uploading a post, or creating photo collages, and then getting more into tech as I got older. When I got on TikTok, I didn’t realize that there are people and businesses out there looking for someone to help them with their social channels as well! It inspired me to want to assist and teach others to reach their full potential online. I started my agency in January and since then have grown several clients and done social media projects.

The biggest challenge can be managing my personal time and running a small business. I get so caught up in wanting to do a ton of work that sometimes I will stay up super late or put other things aside just to have time to do more work for my business.

My favorite part about having my agency is getting to work from anywhere, having my own hours, and being able to work directly on social media! It sometimes doesn’t even feel like work and is very fun because I genuinely enjoy doing everything I do for my clients. I can also help them brainstorm anything new for their social channels and we get super creative. I also LOVE how social media changes every day and there is always something new. It keeps you going and you learn more about it.

I see my business definitely growing over time and reaching more clients as well as a team. It’s a dream of mine in the future to be able to turn my business into something full time where I can eventually hire people and put together a dream team where I work with those who love social media and being creative just as much as me.


Pinterest and TikTok for sure!! It probably sounds super cliche that I am using social media as my inspiration BUT when I see others living their best life and achieving their dreams, it motivates me to keep going and see what I can accomplish as well. I will find myself pinning a ton of outfits on Pinterest or ideas that I can possibly use in the future for anything whether it’s for my business, content creation tips for a brand collab, an outfit idea, and more. TikTok is also great because I love watching “day in the life” or small vlogs of people in NYC or LA and it makes me excited for my future!


I definitely have a ton of random things that I do such as cleaning or organizing. It can be super therapeutic for me and I get in a random rush sometimes where I take everything out of my closet and just rearrange it or color code my sweaters for no reason. Grabbing coffee and then driving with the windows down while listening to music with my sister is one of our favorite things to do. I also shop just for fun and add random items into my cart either on Amazon or any retail store. Retail therapy is serious for me!! And also just being with my family or friends. I love going into my brother’s room and just sitting on his bed and making tiktoks or talking about our day and showing him a new package I got in the mail.


Restaurant: In Bayonne I LOVE “Mi Quisqueya” which is a Dominican restaurant. They never fail to make amazing food and there’s an amazing variety of anything Dominican you can think of. If you’re looking for the perfect spot for Spanish food this is it. They’re also in West New York too!
Place to Shop: TJ Maxx, American Dream Mall or Menlo Park Mall are all great places to shop from and have a ton of stores to pick from so you don’t have to drive far. I always find myself going to TJ Maxx too for little things such as a rug, skincare, activewear, candles, planners, and more.
Outdoor Spot: Rumba Cubana in Jersey City has nice outdoor seating and dining as well as inside too. It’s in a great location and there’s a park right across the street that you can take a walk in after you eat some delicious food. Drinks are also super good!
- Honorable Mention: In Bayonne, my dad has his own barber shop called Downtown Haircutters! He’s been able to run this for years now since I was little and he is pretty popular around town!

Check out her instagram, blog and agency!
Blog -- Glamour and  @glamourandguide
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